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    Panasonic NI-U550 Steam Iron 2400 W (NI-U550CATB)

    Brand : Panasonic
    Sku : 1088472

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    ◼ Powerful steam up to 2400 W
    ◼ Durable and sturdy body with an ergonomic grip
    ◼ Big soleplate with U-Shape Groove for smooth and efficient ironing
    ◼ Powerful steam shot for thick fabric
    ◼ Three anti-calc features for easy descaling
    ◼ Anti-drip design to protect clothes from stains

    Achieve a Crisp, Fine Finish with a Big Ceramic Soleplate

    Enjoy the most comfortable ironing experience ever. An easy grip design and large soleplate provide a smooth and efficient glide over clothes.

    Elegant Heavy Duty Steam Iron


    The high-performance steam iron is easy to use. It looks not only elegant but also has a stable shape and ergonomic handle, which makes the iron glide much easier.

    Ergonomic Design for Effortless Ironing

    Easy Grip

    The design and development leverage human engineering and ergonomic research to achieve a much more comfortable grip.

    Smooth and Stable Glide

    The design lowers the height of conventional models. The low center of gravity balances the iron for better comfort.

    Unique Soleplate for the Best Ironing Results

    Removes Wrinkles in a Wider Area in One Pass


    The soleplate 20% larger than the conventional models* allows for ironing of a wider area in a single pass. It is especially ideal for ironing long garments and large linens like bed sheets.

    Uniformly Spreads Steam in All Directions


    The steam flows along the U-shaped groove at the bottom of the iron and spreads throughout the soleplate uniformly. This enables efficient ironing using the entire soleplate.

    Curved Soleplate to Eliminate Snagging


    The curved soleplate prevents fabric from bunching up to provide a smoother, quicker, and hassle-free ironing experience.

    Precision Tip to Reach Anywhere


    The soleplate has not only been innovated for wide areas but packs a precision tip for fine finishing. Specifically designed to reach narrow places around buttons and cuffs, the precision tip glides seamlessly into even the trickiest areas.

    Powerful Vertical Steam Shot


    The Power Shot Steam System disperses a large quantity of concentrated steam to smooth out wrinkles deep down in the fibers of thick knitted items. This feature keeps the fabric texture and is ideal for removing odors in suits and other hard-to-wash garments.

    Anti-drip Design to Protect Clothes from Stains


    The anti-drip design automatically stops the water supply when the soleplate drops to a certain temperature to prevent any leakage.

    Micro Spray to Tackle Tough Wrinkles


    A micro spray achieves efficient ironing by covering a wider area than a normal spray. In particular, these small particles are most effective on linens, cottons, and other natural fabrics. Remove wrinkles effortlessly without the need to alternate between spraying and ironing clothes anymore.

    Three Descaling Methods for Thorough Anti-calc Maintenance


    The anti-calc unit installed in the water tank prevents limescale and keeps the inside clean.

    Self Cleaning

    The Self Cleaning button releases the water in the tank all at once to clean the tank instantly.

    Powerful Shot

    The Powerful Shot feature completely disperses any water remaining in the tank together with any limescale in the steam vents.

    More Information
    Wattage/Voltage/Hz 2400 W / 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
    Steam Amount Up to 35 g/min
    Steam Setting  3 Settings (Dry/Low/High)
    Steam Shot/Boost 130 g/min with Vertical Shot
    Water Tank 300 cc
    Spray Yes (Micro Spray)
    Soleplate Ceramic
    Soleplate Feature U-Shape Groove / Curved Soleplate
    Temperature Setting Dial Settings (Acrylic/Silk/Wool/Cotton/Linen)
    Anti-calc Anti-calc Capsule / Self Cleaning
    Anti-drip Yes
    Descaling, cleaning and rinsing program Yes
    Cord Length 3.0 m