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Grill fun with Solis: choose the ultimate grill for a tasty evening


We all love a nice grill evening from time to time. Now that we are all at home a lot, we look even more forward to tasty grill evenings with family and friends. If you can organize such a nice grill evening again in the future, you also want to make it something special. That will be a breeze with one of the Solis grills!

The Solis Grills come in all shapes and sizes: from grills with a ribbed and flat plate, to a grill with an integrated fondue pan and a grill with which you can bake pizzas. To find the suitable grill for the ultimate evening with friends and family, we have listed the 5 Solis grills for you.

Deli Grill

Do you want to grill and bake at the same time? Then the Deli Grill is the device you are looking for. The grill has a ribbed part and a smooth baking tray. You can use these plates separately and also set the temperature of both plates separately. The temperature controllers are equipped with indicator lights, where red indicates that the device is heating up and green indicates that the device is ready for use. The high-quality Whitford Xylan non-stick coating of both plates ensures that the food can be prepared without adding oil and / or butter. Any fat or moisture that is released during baking and grilling is collected by the integrated fat outlet in the plates. This is collected in the underlying fat collection container. Enjoy a healthy meal with the Deli Grill!


Experience Eastern cuisine at your home with the Teppanyaki@Home. The grill is suitable for stewing meat and fish, steaming vegetables and searing rice. This grill also has 2 separate heating zones that you can set individually. This way you can prepare several foods at the optimum temperature at the same time. The Teppanyaki@Home also has indicator lights that indicate when the grill is ready for use. The grill surface is made of stainless steel. This has a number of advantages. First, the grill surface heats up quickly. In addition, you only have to fry the food briefly, so that the nutrients and vitamins are retained. Finally, you can easily prepare Spanish plancha dishes thanks to the stainless steel grill surface.

Combi Grill 3 in 1

Fondue, raclette and gril at the same time? That is possible with the Combi Grill 3 in 1! The stainless steel fondue pan has a capacity of 1.3 liters and is equipped with splash protectors. The 8 fondue forks supplied are color-marked, so that everyone uses their own fork without a doubt. In addition, 8 square raclette pans are included with this grill. These pans and the grill plate have a non-stick coating, so you can prepare your dishes without any oil or butter. At the bottom of the device you will find a cold zone, here you can place the raclette pans during a meal break. This grill also has 2 separate and continuously adjustable heating systems: one for the raclette and grill and one for the fondue pan.

4 in 1 Table Grill

Are you looking for a table grill with even more options than the Combi Grill 3 in 1? Then the 4 in 1 Table Grill might be something for you. This is a raclette, table grill, mini stir fry and pancake pan in 1. From young to old: with this grill everyone leaves the table with a well-filled stomach. The grill plate of the 4 in 1 Table Grill is reversible. One side of the grill plate is half ribbed and half smooth. The ribbed plate is ideal for grilling a delicious piece of salmon, a small hamburger or vegetables. You can easily bake foods on the smooth plate. When you turn the grill plate over, you’ll discover a plate with 3 circle shapes. These are ideal for baking crêpes. You can also place the stir fry pans here.

During meal breaks, you can easily place the hot pans in the separate cold zone at the bottom of the raclette grill. The included stir fry pans, raclette pans and the grill plate all have a non-stick coating. This way you don't have to use butter or oil during the preparation of your favorite stir fry dish or meat or fish. Are you planning to dine with a large group? That is no problem with the 4 in 1 Table Grill. You can connect up to 3 of these grills together!

5 in 1 Table Grill

Do you want to gourmet, raclette, stir fry and make pancakes and pizzas? This is possible with the 5 in 1 Table Grill. From a crispy pizza to creamy salmon and a sweet crepe: enjoy the possibilities of a buffet - right at your own kitchen table. The plate is half ribbed and half smooth on one side, allowing food to be grilled and baked. The other side of the plate consists of spacious circular shapes, which are ideal for using the stir fry pans and baking the most delicious crêpes.

Unique to the Solis 5 in 1 Table Grill is that the huge grill plate is heated on two sides. The products on the plate are prepared with a powerful power of no less than 1200 Watt (top heat) and the pans that you place under the plate are heated with another 200 Watt (bottom heat). The 5 in 1 Table Grill also has a cold zone, where you can place pans during meal breaks.

The 5 in 1 Table grill has been awarded with the Plus X Award. The grill is being praised for its versatility and high-quality materials. The design of the grill is also glorified. This grill also won the Kassensturz-Test 02/2018. The jury praised the grill for its excellent temperature control, grill results and high-quality material.